Solid lattice masts

Durable lattice masts from our selection | Turku, entire Finland

TSR-Tukku light masts are manufactured in Sweden, from triangular modules, to the desired height.

Light mast installation is quick and simple. Prefabricated concrete bases also make creating bases easy. A standard delivery includes bolt sets and all required metal parts for installation. Drilling templates and ready-made twist drill sets can also be obtained for the casting of bases or for rock fencing.

The modules can be pushed into each other for transportation, reducing transport costs. The light mast is made of hot dip galvanized steel in accordance with SS-EN ISO 1461.

The mast can be anchored to a prefabricated base or cast into place. The material of the mast blocks is a round massive steel bar which does not move out of its place when lighting or other devices are installed.

Areas of use can include, for example, construction sites, road construction, sports fields, festivals, rescue operations, shooting ranges, mines, fairgrounds, industry yards, airports and harbor areas.

The mast can also be used to hold, for example, radio link devices and surveillance cameras.

Durable and solid lattice masts are suitable for demanding lighting needs. The hot galvanized and stainless lattice mast provides secure lighting for all types and sizes of factory and port areas.

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Lattice masts 6-42m

Fixed lattice masts for lighting, cameras, antennas