Construction site supplies and accessories

TSR Group provides your construction site with quality supplies and accessories. TSR Group operates in the Turku region, as well in other regions across Finland and abroad.

TSR Group is an experienced operator in the building trade and is always ready to deliver the necessary supplies and accessories to construction sites of various sizes according to the client’s needs.

We provide construction site supplies and accessories for safer, smoother and easier contracts. Among other usages, construction site supplies and accessories are needed for drying and heating the premises, lighting, dust control and electricity, as well as for the needs of large machinery.

Construction site technology to ensure quality

We operate not only in various industrial hall expansion projects but also in building developer contracts. We have more than 20 years of experience in construction site electrification and lighting, and therefore we know the right solutions for each construction site. We also deliver all over Finland.

We’re happy to help in developing plans for the necessary technology and to find the right solutions, even in the most challenging job site conditions. We will work on everything from storing tools and machinery to sites requiring thorough drying solutions. Construction site electrification requires considerable specialist knowledge and experience in the field, which we provide to all of our customers.